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Lovingly Restored Original Shepherds Huts

We can also lovingly restore your shepherds hut, please contact us. This particular shepherd’s hut was built in 1940 and was in a sorry state when it was found. The wood was replaced on the outside and the front undercarriage restored.
A new step was cast and replaced and a new window frame and opening window made to replace the original one. This was made exactly as the original to maintain its authenticity. Finally it was repainted inside and out.

The Story of Barbara

Barbara is a restored shepherds hut made by G Farris of Coombe Bissett, Shaftesbury. She came known to me from a phone call from a lovely lady of 92 named Barbara who asked if I was interested in buying it as she had no further use for it. Barbara told me that it was purchased by her father 60 years ago and was left in the family garden that was once a smallholding for the use as a chicken pen. Over the years it was used as a tack room and eventually fell into disrepair. I visited Barbara and she showed me the hut buried up to it’s axles and hidden by bushes. Initially I thought how would I ever get her out of the location she was in as it would have to be craned out over a neighbours fence into their driveway and wondering what sort of condition it would be in. I could see the hut had charm although in a sorry state with years of grime inside I had to save her. We craned her out and brought her home and restored her keeping as much of the original features as possible. Whilst removing a rotten shelf to my amazement I came across a clay pipe in perfect condition. This must have been the shepherd’s pipe left behind many years ago. As you can see by the photos we have added a new window to let in more light and painted inside. She will have an old stove put back and working and will be used once more by a very happy customer who insists in keeping her named Barbara after the original owner.